Sand is part of our environment. The inconspicuous material is hard and unstable and at the same time, monochrome and colorful, homogeneous and heterogeneous. But no one notices those special properties. Instead, unimaginable amounts of Sand are used for urban construction. Using different transformations, the project aims to transfers the material into another perceptual field. During the process, three different material groups were developed: Sand - fixed on fabric; composite Materials of Sand and chemical/ natural binders and a yarn made of sand and silicon. The resulting material collection creates unusual references and shifts the element in a new (application) context. / 2017

The project was exhibited at the annual Bauhausfest in the historical Bauhaus Building in Dessau, Germany in 2017. It was published on and part of the "smart materials sattelite" exhibition at the Zurich University of Arts in 2018.