Within the design & research project we explored the relationship between spatial design and ideology. More in particular how a cultural institution such as the ‘Wereldmuseum’, located in Rotterdam, embodies various ideological systems which are expressed through architectural and spatial form. The representational formats these “ethnographic” museums employ become problematic when the people from the culture being studied are rendered voiceless, or the more factual histories are concealed. With the project unravel our aim was to crate flexible and dynamic structures that seek to undo fixed hierarchies of seeing. As a contrast to a rather rigid spatial understanding, we want to unfold and reveal underlying layers and hidden structures. Through different mediums such as drawing, video, print and model making, we explore forms of un-folding, peeling, bending, stretching and compression. These different visualisations point toward dynamic ways of re-negotiating spatial conditions by introducing movement, spontaneity and unpredictability. / 2018